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Resolution of Conference

The participants of the International Scientific and Practical E-Conference «Anthropogenic evolution of modern soils and food production under changing of soil and climatic conditions», the representatives of scientific and educational institutions and organizations of 11 countries (Russia, Indonesia, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ukraine, Algeria, Iran, Australia) admit the priority and significance of soil conservation as a background of development of national economics and agro industrial sector on the basis of energy and resource saving technologies.

More than 60 reports were submitted on the conference run. The submitted reports covered the wide range problems connected with modern soil condition and development of different trends of agrarian production, and also the problems of international cooperation in the sphere of soil conservation and their protection from anthropogenic impact.

The main achievement of the conference is the statement of one of the most vital and burning problems – the necessity of soil conservation and effective monitoring their state in the context of country development in import substitution conditions on the basis of efficient utilization of basic and nonrecoverable agricultural means of soil production.

Despite of the achieved by the academic science considerable successes in the investigation of the above mentioned problems, many issues demand relevant theoretical solution and practical implementation.

The participants of the Conference consider that the Conference was a success and achieved its goal.

In connection with the mentioned above, the participants of the Conference consider that:

  • the agricultural sector as a basic branch of economy, should develop intensively taking into account the national and international practices of utilization and conservation of the main mean of agricultural production – the soil;
  • to systematize the information on soil resources conditions at up-to-date level, the governmental authorities are recommended to study suggestions of the Conference participants, generalize and use them for development of the national system of soil protection as the national treasure;
  • the attention of Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and other organizations and establishments, being connected with problem solving in the sphere of monitoring and soil conservation, is paid to the mentioned above questions of present interest, and take measures to their early solution.

The conference resume will be sent into scientific, academic and sectoral research institutes and establishments, that perform investigations and works on viewed at the Conference problems and also in the authoritative governmental institutions, which are responsible for the specified problems solution.

http://e-conf.rjoas.com, November 28, 2015